Chaos Rage


«Scene: Rawg and Hero back to back fighting monsters. The Hero stabs a monster. Screen moves to show Rawg also stabbing a monster. Screen moves back to the Rawg and Hero back to back. The sky gets darker and both the Rawg and Hero look up. Screen moves to a Chaotic Troll growing huge. Screen returns to Rawg and Hero back to back.»

Hero: Rawg, no. Go! I promised Kagg I would be your shield.
Hero: We're the last on the field. Go warn Kagg and Zot about what the Chaos Lord has sent.

«Screen zooms in on Rawg nodding his head.»
«Screen moves back to Hero.»

Hero: I hope Sokrakiis will understand; whoever you were before, you NEED to die now!

«Screen fades.»

«Scene: Kagg, Zot, Sput, Rawg, and Tlax at the Horcs outpost.»

«Screen zooms in on Kagg and Zot.»

Kagg: The Hero stayed to fight a Chaorrupted Troll? I do not doubt your words, Rawg, but this is…

Zot: Even Trolls would not do this thing.
Zot: I speak to She Who Answers. She says they not so bad as we say. I think… maybe it not a Troll Chaos Lord?

«Screen zooms in on Zot.»

Zot: It is hard to see Trolls we know and think they so bad. I not want to believe it.
Zot: The mountain has been here longer than us. Than Trolls. It will know. The heart of the mountain will tell me truth.

«Zot leaves for the heart of the mountain.»

«Screen moves to Rawg and SPUT.»

Rawg: You not believe now. You will! You not see what I see!
Rawg: Chaorrupted Troll full of rage, dripping hate. If not for the Hero, I am dead!
Rawg: Trolls not so bad as we say. Zot right in that. Trolls WORSE!

«Screen moves to Kagg.»

Kagg: The Hero spoke to me of peace shotrly before the Chaos beasts begain their attack.
Kagg: The Hero is our friend, and wise, but… I think this is something beyond understanding unless you are born a Horc.
Kagg: We are stone, and we will let the crystalline Trolls hurl themselves at us until they shatter!

«Screen moves to Rawg and SPUT again.»
«Rawg moves foward a step.»

Rawg: NO! Even mountain has defenses! Sharp rocks to bite and trip invaders, pits and cliffs they fall down.
Rawg: Horcs not have time to sit here. Trolls too big a danger! You say we are from mountain. Zot say, too.
Rawg: Tlax, me, other Horcs. We are mountain's defense. HORC's defense! Our blades are sharp rocks, our hearts hard stone.

«Screen zooms out to show all the Horcs at the outpost.»

Tlax: Rawg is right. We fight! Horcs strong, stronger than Troll threat.

«Screen zooms in on Tlax.»

Tlax: Horc axes sharp. We faster. We stronger.
Tlax: They not take us. Even with Chaos, Trolls not break us.

«Screen moves to just Rawg.»

Rawg: Troll Chaos Lord want war? We not fight Chaorrupted beasts anymore. Now we go for Trolls!

«Screen fades.»

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