Chaos Phase


«Hero, confronting King Alteon, with Princess Brittany and Lord Brentan, kneeling. King Alteon casts a spell and the screen fades into white. Fade back into Swordhaven Castle with chaos lightning. Change scene: Lord Brentan, Princess Brittany and Hero on the floor. Scroll right: Princess Tara, with her Dragon ring turned chaotic»

Tara: B-Brittany? I feel funny!

«Change scene: Princess Brittany, Lord Brentan and Hero»

Brittany: Alteon! You will NOT hurt her! Brentan, with me!

Brentan: No. You NEED to stay here! This is why I'm here; to keep you safe!

«Screen flashes white. Screen fades white, change scene to King Alteon»

Alteon: I - I - DO. NOT. WANT TO!

Brittany: <Hero>! Save Tara! I'll take care of the King!

«Screen fades»

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