Chaos Lord Revealed / Tower Portal


«Top of the Tower of Magic»
«Screen fade»

Hero: So, this thing leads to the para-elemental plane of magic.
Hero: I would have expected something fancier.
Hero: OK. Here goes nothing…
Hero: Whoa!

Ledgermayne: You may not enter our realm.

Hero: Who… WHAT are you?

Ledgermayne: This form is known as Chaos Lord Ledgermayne.

Hero: CHAOS LORD?! So you must be behind all the problems with magic.
Hero: I hope you like buckets…
Hero: …'Cause I'm about to mop the floor with you!
Hero: Oh… you're just a harmless illusion.

Ledgermayne: Incorrect.
Ledgermayne: This form is irritated by your attempt to attack it. Understand: This form of magic personfied. Weapons will have no effect.
Ledgermayne: Further attempts to do harm with this form will be met with servere punishment.
Ledgermayne: This entrance to the para-elemental plane of magic will be closed. You will make no further attempts to enter our realm.

«Portal Closes and screen fades out»

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