Chaos Lord Revealed!


«Scene: Bachius, Sokrakiis, and Dregas talking in the Trolls base»

Bachius: *growl* I am NOT the Chaos Lord! I don't know what is happening to me, but I'm ready to cut the Chaorruption out of myself to prove it!

Dregas: But you HAVE to be the Chaos Lord! I know *I* am not! Why are you doing this to me! Bach, we were FRIENDS!

Sokrakiis: Silence, both of you! I don't know what is happening, whether one of you is infecting the other, or if you've both fallen prey to a Horc scheme.
Sokrakiis: But we WILL find out -

«Screen moves to T'Lax, Sput, and Kagg in the Horcs base»
«Kagg holds Sput back from attacking T'Lax»

Kagg: What is going on! Both of you, cease!

T'Lax: I am not Chaos Lord! Look at her! She does this to me.

Sput: ME?! You are threat to all Horcs! I thought it was Trolls, but it is YOU!


«Screen moves back to Sokrakiis' face»

Sokrakiis: I will need to talk to Kagg about this. If Chaos is strong enough to visibly infect you…
Sokrakiis: Before now, we had no proof that Trolls were infected. All of Bloodtusk Ravine is at even greater risk now.
Sokrakiis: I do not want Kagg to go unwarned.

«Screen fades»

«Scene: Dregas, Bachius, Khasaanda, Sokrakiis, Kagg, T'Lax, Sput, and Zot in the ravine talking»

Kagg: You summoned me. I have come. We must talk.

«Screen zooms in on Sokrakiis and Kagg»

Sokrakiis: We are in greater danger than I thought. My people have been… Chaorrupted.
Sokrakiis: I do not believe either is a Chaos Lord, so -

Kagg: The danger is even greater, yes. It happened to my people, as well.
Kagg: They are turning on each other, when they have been companions in battle.
Kagg: They are truly Chaorrupted.

«Screen moves to Sput being Chaorrupted»
«Khasaanda moves in to check on Sput»
«Screen moves back to Sokrakiis and Kagg»

Sokrakiis: Do you think… this has anything to do with the missing Arashtite?

Kagg: We are so linked to it, your people and mine. If THAT has been Chaorrupted…

«Krellenos moves in behind Sokrakiis and Kagg»

Krellenos: Before the river clots with spilled blood, a new Lord will rise. Beware the prophet always there, who sees ahead with an inner eye.

«Screen zooms in on Krellenos' face»
«Krellenos' eyes turn chaos»

«Screen moves showing Khasaanda getting up and moving closer to Krellenos»
«Screen zooms out showing Khasaanda in front of Krellenos behind Sokrakiis and Kagg»

Khasaanda: Hidden eye, Chaos eye. Do not trust the one you see. Beware the one who is always there. You see, but can it really be?

«Krellenos uses his Chaos magic on Khasaanda Chaorrupting her»

Krellenos: Ahahahaha! Drakath was right! Prophecies mean nothing when Chaos twists the future!
Krellenos: And speaking of the future… You worry about the Ore, old Troll. You see how my Chaorruption has linked us all through it!

«Screen zooms in on Krellenos' face»

Krellenos: The Horcs' might, Troll Magic, and MY visions… I will always know where, and with whom, it is best to wield my Chaos!
Krellenos: I see our future run with Chaorrupted blood. That is inevitable. But to truly hold you all, I must grasp our past.

«Screen zooms out showing everyone»
«Krelllenos teleports out with his Chaos power»
«Screen zooms in on Sokrakiis' face»

Sokrakiis: I fear for us all. We must summon the Hero.

«Screen fades»

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