Chaos Lord Lionfang (Cutscene)


«Scene fades in with Lionfang running through a dark forest, while undead are chasing him»

Lionfang: ?!

Xing & Xang: Over here, Archlord!

«Lionfang runs into a portal to the Chaos Realm as the undead run past where the portal was.»

Drakath: No need to kneel, Archlord of the Golden Onslaught.

«Scene shifts to show Drakath on his thrown, accompanied by Xing and Xang, then shifting back to Lionfang who becomes defensive»

Drakath: Please, be at peace. This is a safe place.

Lionfang: Nobody on Lore is safe as long as Evil scum like you exist.

Drakath: Oh, please.

«Drakath uses his powers to teleport Lionfang's whip to his hands»

Drakath: True, I began my life aligned with Evil but I have come so far beyond that…
Drakath: …And I see in you that same ability to become more than you are.
Drakath: That is why I have chosen to make you one of my Lords of Chaos.

Lionfang: Me? A Lord of Chaos? I think not. I stand with the Light!

Drakath: Do you? Are you so certain?

«Drakath stands up and walks over to Lionfang»

Drakath: In a world where a Good king bends his knee to an Evil Empress, nobody is your friend.

«Drakath offers Lionfang his whip back, as Lionfang accepts»

Drakath: Chaos is neither Good nor Evil, but it also both at the same time.
Drakath: Chaos is the third option. It is YOUR only option, Lionfang.

«Scene zooms into Lionfang»

Lionfang: I don't….
Lionfang: I'm not.

«Scene zooms out again»

Drakath: You're not Evil, I know.
Drakath: In fact, I think that only you and those few soldiers who remain loyal to you might be the only truly Good people left on Lore.
Drakath: What I offer you is the chance to rid the world of Evil and the power to accomplish that task.
Drakath: Accept this gift, bring some much needed Chaos to a world grown dark, dull and Evil..

Lionfang: I… I will.
Lionfang: But my honor demands that I warn you…

«Scene zooms into Lionfang again»

Lionfang: I will find a way to battle Chaos and, once Evil is gone, I will use it to destroy you.

Drakath: HAHAHA, Wonderful! Chaos eating itself!
Drakath: I would expect no less from one of my chosen.
Drakath: Now…Like any other class, you will need to practice to unlock your new skills.
Drakath: Once that is done, you may continue your search for a weapon to destroy me.
Drakath: Come. Let us begin your training…

«Scene fades out to black. "Many Months later". Fading in to a city view, "…The Darkblood City of Falguard". The text then fades out, followed by the scene, fading into a room with many Darkblood warriors»

Madra: We have reports that the invading force is divided in two.
Madra: Half of the force marches from the south and the other half from the east.
Madra: I don't have to remind you that Falguard Dreadwatch has protected these walls for more than two centuries.

«Screen zooms in on Madra»

Madra: We have never let an enemy set a single foot inside this city, and we're not going to start today.

«Screen zooms out»

Madra: I don't have to tell any of you what we protect, either.
Madra: I hope you sharpened your teeth, boys and girls, because we'll be feasting on that army tonight!
Madra: Who are we?!

Darkblood Crowd: The Falguard Dreadwatch!



Madra: That's RIGHT! If we die, we die on our HOOVES.
Madra: Anyone that fails their post owes me their eyeballs!

«Chaotic orb appears and abducts part of the Darkblood Crowd»

Madra: !!!!

«Scene shows silhouette of Chaos Lord Lionfang, then zooms in to reveal him fully»

Lionfang: Don't bother surrendering!
Lionfang: First you will give me what I want..
Lionfang: …Then, I'm exterminating your whole evil race.
Lionfang: Falguard now belongs to Chaos Lord Lionfang and the Golden Onslaught!

«Screen fades out to black, ending the cutscene»

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