Chaos Lord Alteon (Monster)

Location: Swordhaven Falls
Level: 35
Difficulty: 3 stars
Total HP: 101,633 101,630

  • Ground Smash: 288-507 284-338
  • Smash: 288-507 284-338
  • Triple Chaotic Thunder: 97-115
  • Chaos Explosion: 5,430-5,625

Temporary Items Dropped:

Items Dropped:


  • Cannot be stunned.
  • Summoning Chaos Bomb! allows Chaos Lord Alteon use Chaos Explosion when Alteon's Chaos Power bar is full, dealing high damage to all players. based on the total amount of damage Chaos Lord Alteon received
  • Enchanting! occurs only when Summoning Chaos Bomb! misses or fails and enables Chaos Lord Alteon to attack all players while inflicting lower damage.
  • When he activates Chaos Enchanted!, only after when Summoning Chaos Bomb! misses or fails, he starts using the Triple Chaotic Thunder attack on all players, doing lower damage.
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