Chaos is Watching


«Scene: black screen»

After battling through Battleon town, the Twins watch as you try to land a final blow…

«Hero and the Chaos Warlord KO each other»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Xing and Xang in Battleon»

Xing: Either you're with us…

Xang: Or against us.

Xing: Or lying down on the job!

Xang: Give <him/her> a break. <He's/She's> had a VERY rough day.

«Xang stands next to the Hero»

Xang: Haven't you, <Hero>?

«Xang touches the Hero and vanishes»

«Hero gets back up»

Hero: Wh-what happened? Did I win?

Xing: You sure did, pookie.

«Xing points»

Xing: You won so well that you were out long enough for Xang to call up -

«Scene moves up to the moon, which turns into a chaos eye»

Hero: That CAN'T be a good sign.

Xing: Correct! THIS is a Chaos sign, and it's linked to YOU.

«Scene fades»

«Xang reappears next to Xing»

Xang: Or, more accurately, to your proximity to US.


«Hero looks up. The Chaos Moon vanishes»

Xang: When the Chaos Moon appears again…

Xing: You'll know the time has come to face US!

Xang: And TWO faces -

Xing: Are always better than one!

«Xing and Xang vanish»

Hero: *groan* Everywhere I go, comedians.
Hero: Let's see them laugh when I battle BOTH their faces off!

«Hero leaps forward in a strike»

«Scene fades»

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