Chaos is Coming!


«Battle between Hero and Chaos Knight, Hero defeats Chaos Knight»

Hero: I don't know HOW you created these Chaos Knights, Drakath, but I DO know where they came from…

«At the beacon, beacon fired up - Vormund, in the sky, salutes and then disappears»

Hero: Vormund and his Blades of Order will NOT be forgotten. Even if they did have to be slain.
Hero: I WILL find a cure for Chaorruption, and prevent anyone else from having to suffer this.
Hero: I know you're watching, Drakath! Champion of Chaos or not, I'm NOT going to let you keep doing this!

«Chaos lightning hits the beacon»

Hero: Thanks for the feedback, Drak. Your input has been noted and ignored.

«Change scene to Chiral Valley sign with the chaos rift, tentacle tries to get out but chaos rift closes»

Warlic: <Hero> has many battles ahead. I must consult with <him/her>.
Warlic: Drakath will not stop this rift.
Warlic: The Chaos taint is fading away. The land will recover in time. But will the people?

«Warlic disappears and a Chaos Sp-Eye passes by. Change scene to Mobius, chaos rift opens up, Chaos Gate is seen through rift. Chaos beings pass by, Zoom in to Chaos Gate, Drakath is seen»

Drakath: Scream all you want, <Hero>. You may defeat my minions…
Drakath: But it won't matter in the end. The Mage, the Guardian, the Shapeshifter -
Drakath: All of them rose because of Chaos. But YOU will FALL to ME!
Drakath: It is coming, and no one will escape. Not even you.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: close-up of Drakath»

Chaos is coming!

«Scene fades»

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