Chaos Incarnate


«Scene: Hero and Beleen's silhouette in the bottom part, looking up to a Chaos Orb. A silhouette of Nulgath appears above, next to the Chaos Eye»

It has been years since I was cast out of this world… a prisoner, trapped, as an OverSoul…
But now… now that I have returned to Lore… my greatest creation is nearly complete…
…by merging Chaotic forces of the OverSoul with the Chaos found here on Lore…
I will finally be able to unleash my ultimate ArchFiend power… and NO ONE can stop me!

Beleen: Oooooohhh pretttty!

«Beleen jumps up to the Chaos Orb, changing the scene: Beleen and Nulgath at the sides of Chaos Orb»

Nulgath: What the… how did YOu get in here?!

Beleen: It's sooooo pink!!

NUlgath: WHAT!?! No! The Chaos Orb is not pink. It's purple.

Beleen: No, no, that's pink.

Nulgath: It's Chaos. It's purple.

Beleen: Nope. That's pink all right.

Nulgath: It's kind of magenta.

Beleen: Still pink.

Nulgath: ENOUGH! This is Chaos, and it does not matter its color; all that matters is its immense power! And that power SHALL BE MINE! MWAHAHA!

Beleen: Is it squishy?

«Beleen touches the Chaos Orb, it turns white, then the screen flashes and Beleen turns into Chaos Queen Beleen»

Nulgath: NOOO you silly girl! What HAVE YOU DONE?!

Beleen: OMG! Look at me! I'm so pink! Weeeee!

Nulgath: Beleen, I command you to-

Beleen: Eww Nulgath, all those eyes make you super creepy. You look like a spider.
Beleen: BOOP!

«Beleen casts a spell at Nulgath, making him chibi»

Nulgath: ?!?!?!?!?!

Beleen: So much better now!!! I wonder what other powers I have? Oooh, let's find out, shall we?

«Hero comes into scene»

Hero: Wait, Beleen—STOP!

«Beleen flies then teleports off»

Nulgath: You're in cahoots with that crazy woman, aren't you!?
Nulgath: WHO ARE YOU? …and why do people keep finding my secret hiding place?

Hero: Woah woah, calm down buddy. My name is <Hero>, and I was just helping Beleen with some quests.
Hero: I was only in it for the Gold, I swear!

Nulgath: Hmm… very well… I'm still holding you slightly responsible for all of this.

Hero: Me?! You're the one who gave Beleen her Chaos powers!

Nulgath: …only after YOU lead her to me.

Hero: But… I… ugh, fair enough. How can I make it up to you?

Nulgath: By helping find Beleen and putting an end to her PINK MADNESS!

«Scene fades»

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