Chaos Grows Stronger


«Scene: Shadowfall»

Gravelyn: Shadowscythe, to me! The King has fallen, and the Good faction of our alliance is…
Gravelyn: Scattered. Scared. Throw into a chaos of their own.
Gravelyn: If the world is going to be saved, WE –

«Scene: Castle»

Queen Victoria: - are going to have to represent the forces of Good in the Alliance!

Sir Real: But Your Majesty, your sister and brother-in-law are ALSO raising forces.

Queen Victoria: Don't you think I KNOW that? Of COURSE they are!
Queen Victoria: I've had dukes, counts, mayors, and pigmen vowing allegiance to me – to US –
Queen Victoria: Since… since my father died. And then running right to Tara - or that… Brentan –

Sir Real: You ARE the rightful ruler. The eldest remaining daughter of Queen Lynaria…

Queen Victoria: And don't you forget it! Now. We've had a very difficult decision to make, my friends.
Queen Victoria: We must leave Swordhaven for a time.

Sir Prise: But the throne! The rebels! They'll try to take –

Queen Victoria: My father gave his life in the battle against Chaos. We will do no less!
Queen Victoria: And that means we must go to Shadowfall. We cannot fight a war on two fronts.
Queen Victoria: To save Lore, we must give up Swordhaven… for a time. It is what he would have done.
Queen Victoria: Send for <Hero>! I have a message for the Empress of the Shadowscythe.

«Scene: Hero and Gravelyn at Shadowfall»

Hero: Her Majesty, Queen Victoria of Swordhaven, has arrived.

Empress Gravelyn: So. YOU claim to be the Queen of Swordhaven?

Queen Victoria: As much Queen as you are Empress.

Empress Gravelyn: I've had letters from your sister's advisors AND your brother-in-law.
Empress Gravelyn: Both explaining why they cannot possibly assist uphold the Alliance's obligations at this time.

Queen Victoria: And begging your aid to take the throne, I assume. *snort* They are fools.

Empress Gravelyn: Then we understand each other, Your Majesty.

Queen Victoria: Drakath is almost strong enough. We aren't ready… not yet.

Empress Gravelyn: If we combine forces, with your help, we SHOULD be strong enough to defeat him.

Queen Victoria: But we must ready the rest of the realms. Strengthen their defenses.

Empress Gravelyn: Help them prepare to attack. And for that…
Empress Gravelyn: We need YOU.

«Screen fades»

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