Chaos Crow (NPC)

Blaze Binder Hero
Awwwww yeah! Things are really going to heat up now that YOU'RE here!

At a young age I was appointed to be a SEER by the "Monolith," an institute for people with a… certain potential. Seers are similar to Lore Masters, except they preserve knowledge about powers no human being should possess… which, come to think of it… it's strange that SEERS need to learn them.

My life was quite boring for many years, until one faithful night, when I snuck into the dean's office hoping to learn something useful. There I found a journal that spoke of a mind transfer ritual:
"Develop the Seers, then seize their minds." Whatever its purpose, I didn't care…a different thought came to mind.

I wasn't going to let anyone do that to me! If you want to win, you strike first. The next day everything was gone, and the flames were dying down, Every Seer had been robbed of their knowledge, and only a single message was left. "If you want, then come get me - Chaos Crow"

Location: Hero Lobby


Thanks to Tristyn.

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