Chaos Cleric


Legion of Chaos, General
The time has come for WAR! The Legion of Chaos is marching on Willowcreek NOW, so that all may feel the power of the 13th Lord of Chaos!
Are you strong enough to join our ranks as a Chaos Slayer? Or will you choose to defend the weak puppets in WillowCreek? The choice is yours…

Chaos Slayer?
You will slay ANYTHING that would threaten me and the rest of the world, I just know it! You can become a Chaos Slayer NOW, or wait until you reach of Mount DoomSkull and face Drakath.
If you want to unlock the Class fast, you can pay 2000 AdventureCoins. If you want to earn it through battles, sweat, and victories, you can unlock it for Rank 10 Chaos Rep!

- Chaos Slayer Class

- Chaos Slayer Class
- World War Lore
- Chaotic Friday the 13th

Location: Battleon


Thanks to Rich Wind.

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