Chaos Brawl




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Map Name: chaosbrawl
Max Players: 16
Access Points:


  • Awe/Forge Enhancements and Use Items cannot be used during the match.
  • Other players are attackable in this map (PvP).
  • The captain does more damage for each remaining brawler and heals themselves more for each restorer.
  • Defeating the opponent's captain will automatically earn your team 1,000 points, winning you the match.
  • You can't change any of your equipment during the match.
  • Only your team will see your chat.
  • You can't PM or talk to an enemy player.
  • You can't /goto on this map.
  • You can't /invite enemy players or players outside of PvP.
  • You can only /rest on your starting screen.
  • Players outside the PvP can't /goto anyone in this location (PvP).
  • You can get 1-5 Combat Trophies, depending on how many Restorers/Brawlers you defeat in a match.
  • Also see Into Chaos (Location).

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