Drakath is the Champion of Chaos and the first main antagonist of AdventureQuest Worlds. He arrived during the height of a Good versus Evil war and ended it by Chaorrupting King Alteon and killing Sepulchure.

Chaos Lords

The Chaos Lords are hand-picked from Drakath to attack the world of Lore. They are chosen due to their powers and status in Lore. Some are grateful for the powers of Chaos given to them and immediately begin to serve Drakath. However, not all the Chaos Lords are willing to accept Chaos and attempt to fight it until Chaos ultimately takes over.

1. Chaos Lord Escherion

Location: Chiral Valley
Date Introduced: 2009, April
Objective: Take over Chiral Valley for the forces of Chaos
Effect: Inverted the areas within Chiral Valley, often turning items and buildings upside down, also enabled mind control.
Chaos Beast: Lake Hydra
Battle: Escherion
Key Equipment: Staff of Inversion
Status: Deceased, killed by Drakath during his fight with the Hero.
Note: Tribute to M. C. Escher.

Chaos Beasts

Aside from causing Chaos, a Chaos Lord's duty is to summon a Chaos Beast in order to unlock another part of the Chaos Gate in Drakath's realm. Once all 13 Chaos Beasts have been summoned, Drakath can unleash the Mother of Monsters.

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