Chaorrupted Poultrygeist (NPC)

Aria's New Favoritest Pet Golem
*Cluck cluck* Aria-lady taught me speakings. Then she's gone away, now I run the dungeon, can't find her! *Bwaaaack!* Path keeps changing, shouldn't. Nope! Makes no sense when you turn right and find you went straight instead. How to keep track? *cluck* Keep a map? Good luck!

You Aren't a Golem?
*Bwack* Yesno! Master made Aria-lady, made me. I's the golem-ghost of a pet she once had. But smarter. Not so bird-brained or I's couldn't tell you things, right-right? I was golem-ghost and then I wasn't. All a sudden the place started melting-changing-dripping like broken egg yolk. *cluck!* When I waked up, the golem-bracelet wuz gone an' so was Aria-lady!

Location: DF Lesson
Note: Also see Chaorrupted Poultrygeist (Monster).


Thanks to Rich Wind.

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