Underworld Imp
Hey! Psst over here! You want the good stuff? I got some good stuff to give you! We got a big Pyromancer problem up in here now. You fix, I give. Yes? Yes?

Ok, I talk slow. Frozen Pyromancer. Kinda like Xan, only all blue and black and underworldy. He show up, don’t know from where. Causing problems for Dage, acting like he thinks he gonna take over. You smash-smash, Dage will be most thankful. Give you big reward for your effort. You get it now?

Undead Legion?
Yes, yes. Dage is the leader of the Undead Legion, an army of undead warriors. You see them all over the Underworld, yes? So. He give them Legion Tokens to make gear, and they fight for him. He take their souls, but give extra-special gifts. Is equal exchange, Chanky is told.

- Join the Legion - Takes you to Screen 3 (Soul Forge)

- Legion Pyromancer (Merge Shop)
- Chanky's Quests

Location: Underworld


Thanks to Frozen.

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