Champion of Light (Cutscene) (2)


«Scene: Gravelyn casts a light spell»
«Scene: White screen»

Acting on instinct, Gravelyn sent out a blast of radiant light.

«Scene: Krahen is sent flying back»
«Scene fades»
«Scene: Malgor flying through the air»

It tore through the realm of shadows…

«Scene fades»
«Scene: The Hero and Gravelyn against some speed lines»

..and shattered the world around them.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: The Hero and Gravelyn back in Shadowfall. Gravelyn has a white glow, which fades»

Hero: Whoa.
Hero: Gravelyn… I had no idea you could do that.

«Gravelyn closes her eyes»

Gravelyn: Neither did I.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Malgor and Gar in the Queen of Monsters' throne room»

Malgor: That… burned!

Gar: How?? How could she possibly be capable of this?

Malgor: She is the Champion of Light.
Malgor: It’s easy to forget just how massive a Champion’s power can be.
Malgor: Fortunately, it does not often manifest its full strength.
Malgor: I doubt she even understood what she was doing.

Gar: Still, maybe we should keep a close eye on this one. Just in case.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Gravelyn in Shadowfall»

Malgor: Oh, yes. I intend to.

«Scene fades»

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