Champion of Chaos Rises

New Finale Cutscene Buttons Only Play "13th Chaos Beast" Cutscene


«Scene: Champion of Chaos»

Drakath: As I layed there dying…
Drakath: …The eye on the necklace my father gave me shot open.

«Screen Goes Black»

Drakath: I foolishly gazed into the eye.

«Screen Zooms In On Eyed Necklace»

Drakath: I saw madness.
Drakath: The voice of the Queen of All Monsters consumed my mind.
Drakath: It became a part of me… I think she was always a part of me.
Drakath: She saved me.

«Screen Goes Black»

Drakath: In exchange for god-like powers, all she desired was her freedom.

«Dying Bandit Drakath Is Shown»

Drakath: But how… how do I free you?

«Drakath Is Shown»

Drakath: I was not given any instructions. I only heard insane, chaotic laughter.

«Drakath Overlooks Various Mountains With The Chaos Amulet At Hand»

Drakath: I wandered the world and found I was capable of granting my powers onto others. With each Chaos Lord I created I grew more powerful.
Drakath: Meanwhile, King Alteon and Sepulchure prepared for the ultimate war between good and evil.
Drakath: So I waited… until the moment where my two arch enemies were locked in combat and I betrayed the true nature of chaos to humiliate them.

«Scene Fades»

«End of Cutscene»

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