Chamat (Cutscene)


«Hero walking out of a barn in Deadmoor when Chamat attacks him, unsuccesfuL»

Chamat: I see that your skills are not exaggerated.
Chamat: Few people on Lore can defend themselves against my attacks.

«Chamat casts a spell at hero, but Hero defends himself»

Hero: Who are you?

Chamat: My name is Chamat. I am a hunter in the service of the one you call The Queen Of All Monsters.

Hero: Very well, bring it on!

Chamat: I am not charged with killing you. My task is to obtain the stones.
Chamat: Hand the first one over and I will let you live.

Hero: Is that the best threat you've got?
Hero: Do you have any idea what I've been through?

Chamat: I would have been disappointed if you made it that easy for me.
Chamat: There are still two more stones to find, hero.
Chamat: Game on.

«Chamat teleports off. Cutscene ends»

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