Chairman Platinum (Cutscene)


«Scene: Artix's Wedding»

«Hero slashes Brutalcorn and Brutalcorn yields»

Brutalcorn: Rrrrr Grrrr. Rrrrr GTTTTT!

Tranlated in the language of the mythical Brutalcorns: "I YIELD!"

«Brutalcorn exits and screen fades»

Michelle: Thank you, <Hero>, for saving my wedding!

Preacher: Um… anyone else?

«Chairman Platinum and Ebilcorp Ninjas enter»

Random Guest Lady: It's Chairman Platinum from Ebilcorp!

[World's Evilest CEO. Also, he is probably just mad that the dog has more speaking lines than him in this.]

Chairman Platinum: Ladies and Gentleman. Normally I kidnap the bride BEFORE the wedding.

Chairman Platinum: But this is going to be a lot more fun….

Daimyo: Arf?

Chairman Platinum: Get em' boys!!!

«Chairman Platinum flashes a smile and the screen fades»

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