Chairman Platinum


During AQWorld's Birthday 2012:

Chairman of the Board, EbilCorp
NO! I can't believe that you were able to defeat my minions in ALL SIX GAMES! YOU caused "Operation Gamecode" to FAIL! I will not accept this failure! You haven't seen the last of me, you worms! Enjoy your moment in the sun and your little tour of AE's Secret Underground Lab!

- 4th Birthday Shop
- EbilCorp House Rares
- EC Event Rares

What is going on?
Since Artix Entertainment did not accept our offer to join EbilCorp, we are taking their entire gaming network offline. Our drones have invaded every AE game, and they know at EbilCorp, failure is not an option. Once we have achieved total control, we will take ALL of Artix Entertainment's games offline. Permanently.

- AE Event Rares Shop
- EbilCorp House Rares

During April Fool's 2012:

Greetings, friends. I'm Chairman Platinum… your new leader. I've just purchased Artix Entertainment and I've had some changes made to the games. You are all required to equip the new EbilCorp Standard Player armor found in the shop below. I hope you enjoy your new gaming experience inside EBILQUEST WORLDS. Actually, I don't care.

- EBILCORP Standard Shop


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