Drakath's Right-Hand Woman
It's taken the boss awhile to get back to his old self after the Queen of Monsters betrayed him. Don't tell him I said so, but I think he's been a little down in the dumps from it all! No matter, though - he's gathered his allies, built a new base of operations, and is ready for revenge!

Chaos Reputation
You… you want to join forces with us? Considering your history with Drakath, I think you're going to have to work pretty darn hard to convince him to trust you. Better get started!

Switch to Chaos
Are you sure? Well, in that case, welcome to the madhouse! We all bite down here. I'm just going to need you to sign a contract pledging your everlasting loyalty to Drakath. No, not in blood! What do you take us for? Geez! …you'll sign it in spinal fluid, of course.

- Chaos Alliance

Tentacles, eyeballs, purple and green - that's the look of Team Chaos! But, the nature of Chaos is that it isn't just one thing. It's really about tearing down Order, and keeping the world malleable and ever-changing It's about fighting stagnation. About reinterpreting and readjusting and being, well… anything you want. Beyond that, it can't and shouldn't be defined.

The eyes, the tentacles… those aren't symbols of Chaos, not really. They're symbols of Drakath. They're his expression of his own inner Chaos, and they're how we display our loyalty to him. And even among agents of Chaos, a lot of people do value that sense of belonging. If Chaos had a different Champion, then all of this would look much different.

- Rep Shop
- Cemaros' Quests


Note: Cemaros' Crownsreach FXIII dialogue was previously available at Crownsreach.

Thanks to Harrison and Rare.

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