Celestial Realm Salvation


«Scene: Lost Ruins War - Aranx and the Hero defeat the Diabolical Warlord in battle»

Aranx: It is… gone. But I can still sense its power.
Aranx: Look, you can see the dark motes lingering in the air, no?
Aranx: This portal cannot be closed, not entirely.

Hero: What?! All that fighting and… we did not win?

Aranx: The battle between good and evil is eternal. The infernals will always seek to invade our realm.
Aranx: A new order of Celestial Guardians must be formed to guard the portal — will you join as its first member?

  • Good: Yes, I will join the Celestial Guardians and serve Good!
  • Evil: No, I helped you, but serve Evil!
  • Chaos: I'll help… for now… probably… until I want to stop…

Aranx: Your decision is a wise one. I trust we'll see each other again soon, <Hero>.

Hero: The Queen's minions don't seem to be slowing down, so I doubt I will, either!
Hero: Catch ya on the mundane side, Aranx!

Aranx: Safe travels, my friend!

«Scene fades»

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