Celestial Realm Invasion


«Aranx watching off in the distance when a sparrow falls»

Aranx: What eye sees a sparrow's fall… and fears not for the fate of all?

«A solar eclipse starts»

Aranx: Aaah, and there it is. An exclipse, though none was predicted.
Aranx: I fear much danger lies ahead for the creatures of my lovely land.

«Scene changes to Aranx with weapons floating, a portal appears on top of the weapons»

Aranx: Bring One's Tears, no! My siblings!

«The weapons go into the portal»

Aranx: Adaleaz, Athniel, Oriel!
Aranx: Someone, somehow, has stolen you from your home, but hear this!
Aranx: The Avatars of Time, Life, and Spirits SHALL be returned to me. This. I. SWEAR!

«Aranx casts a spell that looks like a yellow beam ray upwards»

Aranx: I know who must be behind this. Just as I know…
Aranx: There is only one creature in ALL the realms who can help me now.
Aranx: <Hero>. He of all the mortals and immortals knows the most about the Queen of Monsters and her minions.

«Scene changes to Infernal Knights and Fallen Knights next to the green portal, then to Aranx»

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