Cecil Bailey

Capitalview Innkeeper
Welcome to the Capitalview Inn! I'm Cecil, the innkeeper. Sorry I wasn't downstairs to welcome you! Almost all of our rooms are occupied and even a full staff is having trouble with the up-keep. Either I'm going to need to put a three day limit on a patron's stay or start setting up luxury tents in the garden. Because, in peace times and war, our Inn promises a Capital experience!

You don't need to have blueblood to live like a King! We offer opulent rooms and a gourmet breakfast buffet for reasonable prices. Beneath the main floor, we have an indoor heated pool too. While you enjoy yourselves, know that your rooms and belongings are locked up tight. Only you and the staff will have the keys. We take privacy seriously so the Knights can't get access even if they demand so.

I constantly have to pick my jaw off the floor. Heroes like Artix and Robina the Hood frequent our Inn, and we even had the honor of having the Blue Mage and his apprentice as guests once! Admittedly, I'm a huge fan! They're actual Good people that don't care about gold, fame, or power. These days, too many people have the audacity to claim that they're "good" without ever taking action.

Most of our staff are locals, but the original owner of the Inn is from the countryside. Her name is Aina, you might run into her some day. She manages many inns across Greenguard, and hands the keys to her assistant when she needs to move to the next location. Off the top of my head, one of the only towns that doesn't have an Inn established by Aina is Battleon.

Location: Swordhaven


Thanks to Tempu.

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