Caught Red Handed


«Scene: In the forest, you hide behind trees trying to spy on the vampire's side camp, not knowing that Bonnie Blood was behind you»

Bonnie Blood: Who ye lookin' for?
Bonnie Blood: Hahahaha!

Hero: Oh! Hey there. I can explain! You see… I…

Bonnie Blood: Oh, stop. I know darn well what ye're doing.
Bonnie Blood: Ye're one of Flintfang's crew. He sent ye to spy on us.

Hero: Uh, well… yes. You've pretty much got it.

Bonnie Blood: Ye don't look like ye've been with him for long, though. Ye're too clean.
Bonnie Blood: Let me guess. Ye got marooned here, and he found ye, and now he's makin' ye work for him.

Hero: That's surprisingly accurate.

Bonnie Blood: I just know how he works, is all. We've been rivals for a long time.

Hero: So… are you going to try to kill me now, or what?

Bonnie Blood: Ye know, I should.
Bonnie Blood: But I think I have a better idea.

Hero: I can tell this should make me nervous.

Bonnie Blood: Here's the deal.
Bonnie Blood: The Full Moon, bein' a ship full o' werewolves, focuses on the fightin'. They love a good brawl.
Bonnie Blood: But the Black Veil is different. We don't mind a good fight, but we're much more interested in treasure, luxury, decadence.
Bonnie Blood: And we bring in so much gold that even the newest crewmates are rich beyond measure.
Bonnie Blood: …if ye get me meaning.

Hero: So, I quit working for Flintfang, and start working for you instead, and you'll make me rich.

Bonnie Blood: Essentially, yes.

Hero: I don't get it. What do YOU get out of this?

Bonnie Blood: Why, the satisfaction o' stealin' Flintfang's newest worker away from him, o' course!
Bonnie Blood: …and all of the intel about the Full Moon that new crew member brings with her.

«Scene fades»

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