Caught! (2)


«Scene: Teja»

Teja: I shoulda' known you were the ones behind this mischief!
Teja: Ya come here tellin' me ya wanted to help — and then ya do this.
Teja: I was not right ta trust ya!

Hero: I really, REALLY didn't mean for this to happen.
Hero: We didn't know…

Teja: I know ya have me captain's log. Ya know darn well why I did this to them.
Teja: And ya know I ripped apart me own spellbook so I wouldn't be tempted to UNDO it.
Teja: And ya expect me to believe your intentions be noble?

Hero: I mean… I guess it does look pretty bad.

Teja: Ya darn right it does!
Teja: I don't know how ya managed to break out o' me spell ya'selves.

«Teja charges forward»

Teja: But it's clear I'll have ta take more drastic measures to keep ya down until the Shadowlord arrives.

«Scene fades»

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