Caught! (1)


«Scene: Hero and Memet in the Spookeasy»

Memet: Alright, it's done!
Memet: Criminy's nightmare is finished and ready to be deployed.

???: Well, well, well. What have we here?

«Scene: Dreammaster Calico stands in the Spookeasy with a guard on either side»

Dreammaster Calico: I knew you creeps had to be hiding out somewhere! Too many nightmares were still unaccounted for.

Memet: Hey! You can't just barge in here like that! This is OUR home!

Dreammaster Calico: Oh, no! Did you miss the memo? The entire dream world belongs to US, now.

Memet: You mean, to YOU.
Memet: Calico Cobby, cuddly dictator.

Dreammaster Calico: That's DREAMMASTER CALICO!
Dreammaster Calico: See? This is why I had to make you illegal.
Dreammaster Calico: You're just not NICE!

Hero: Fine. Dreammaster Calico. Whatever.
Hero: How'd you even FIND this place?

Dreammaster Calico: I knew you'd be coming back for those stray nightmares.
Dreammaster Calico: So we kept watch. And when you came out to retrieve them…

Hero: Your "sparkle guards" saw me go in through the playground.

Dreammaster Calico: How nice! You're smarter than you look!
Dreammaster Calico: And now I'm going to make sure the last traces of nightmare are properly cleaned.

«Scene fades»

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