• Click on the Catapult in Screen 10 - Oaklore

«Sir Vivor and Sir Casm using the catapult»

Sir Vivor: Hey, watch this! We developed the fastest way to travel in the Kingdom!

Sir Casm: Ohh yeah… This is reeeeeaallly going to work…..

Sir Vivor: If it does work… maybe we can find the ancient ruins containing Celestia's Legendary DragonStar Blade!

Sir Casm: Suuuuure we will. Just like the last dozen times we tried right?

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero at the catapult»

Hero: Are you really going to -

Sir Vivor: FIRE!

«Catapult explodes»

Hero: So… did it work?

Sir Casm: Yeeeeeah. He always did get fired up too easily.

Hero: !!!

«Scene fades»

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