Cast Over Us All


«Scene: the Hero and Ai no Miko fight Orochi»

Hero: How's it going over there? I don't think I can fight this thing by myself for much longer.

«Ai no Miko cries»

Ai no Miko: And I'm almost out of mana.

«Scene: Daisho and Jaaku fight»

Emperor Daisho: Ha! I may be old, but I'm still a stronger warrior than he will ever be!

«Daisho knocks Jaaku to the ground»

Emperor Daisho: A dark shadow will be cast over who, Jaaku?

Jaaku: Nngh!

Jaaku: Oroshi! Help me!

«Oroshi attacks Daisho, killing him»

Ai no Miko: Father! No!
Ai no Miko: Yeeeargh!

«Ai no Miko attacks Oroshi»

Jaaku: Oroshi!

«Jaaku jumps on Orochi and runs off»

Jaaku: Fall back!

«Ai no Miko fires nonstop at the fleeing dragon»

«The Hero put their hand on Ai no Miko's back»

Hero: Miko… Miko, he's gone.

«Ai no Miko stops and cries»

«Scene fades»

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