Star Captain Trainer
Hello there, Adventurer! Tell me, have you ever dreamed of broadening your horizons? Seeing and catching a glimpse of the world and space that exists outside our atmosphere? If so, Star Captain may be the right class for you and luckily, we're always eyeing for new recruits!

What is a Star Captain?
Star Captains are masters of ground, space and mecha combat. These advanced warriors are trained to take on any force they may encounter that dare threaten to disrupt our existence but these forgotten warriors are always there deep in the space of Lore.

How to get?
To become one of the Stars Captains, your account must be verified with a Mechquest Star Captain Account. Then, make your way to the guardian /tower and speak to Korin.

- Tower

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Luck
Star Captains are a single target damage based class that can align with either the Wolfblade, Runehawk, or Mystraven House. The House they pick determines what effects their skills do during battle!

Location: Class Hall C


Thanks to Amduscia.

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