Carnax Defeated


«Hero defeats Carnax and Iadoa teleports in»

Iadoa: Well done, <Hero>. I give the battle-performance full marks. But the REAL question is, what have you learned?

Hero: … How - how did you DO this? Where are all these places?
Hero: How do you know what they look like? Can I go there for real?

Iadoa: … I - These places are not real. They don't exist except here in the TimeVoid, where I learned of them.
Iadoa: These environments, the quests and golems, they are problems for you to solve.
Iadoa: Examples to learn from, hands-on teaching tools. You MUST learn while I am able to guide you.

Hero: Whoa there, Prof! What - what's the matter? Are you ill? I mean, I know the Chaos and all, but…

Iadoa: The Chaorruption spreads, and the pain I face is intensifying.
Iadoa: I - I am not sure how much time is left before I can no longer hold these constructs together.

Hero: Is there something I should do, someone I can go to for help? … Anything?

Iadoa: No one can help me. This is what will be, must be. I go to my fate…

Hero: And me to mine.

Iadoa: Precisely. I will teach as fast as I can, and you will learn as best as you can.
Iadoa: I WILL hold on until you know enough… and then you will do what you must.

Hero: Chaos CANNOT win, but that means -

Iadoa: Exactly. Chaos cannot win. Remember THAT, <Hero>, and you'll pass all the tests I set for you.

«Scene fades»

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