Captain Stratos

Skyguard Captain of the Phereless
Well this is embarrassing. As if the Sky Pirates themselves weren't enough of a hassle, now they've taken my own ship! I'm going to need your help if I'm going to regain control of The Phereless from Gladius' goons. Can I count on you?

I have time for a few question, but ask quickly. I have a ship to regain.

The Skyguard is King Alteon's flying army. We patrol the skies looking for signs of danger. After seeing the threat Sepulchure's flying fortress made, Alteon saw fit to create a group of kings that could combat him anywhere. That's where we come in. We're able to go anywhere and attack from anywhere. No evil is safe from us.

Sky Pirates
Sky Pirates are nasty enemies of the air. They use their ships, some stolen, some not, to harass my knights and destroy villages. They used to be fairly tame though, but lately their leader, Gladius, has become more aggressive. My scouts have reported he has a dragon outfitted with anti-air cannons. It seems he wants the skies for himself. I will not let that happen.

You want to know about me? There's not much to tell. I used to wander from place to place looking for someone, but with Drakath on the loose I felt I needed to step up my searching. Becoming Captain of the Skyguard allows me to both protect Lore and search all across the land. Some day, I will find him…

- Captain Stratos' Quests
- Skyguard Outfitters raresmall.png

After completing Captain Stratos' Quests:

Skyguard Captain of the Phereless
Ah, it feels good to have the Phereless back again. Thank you, hero! There are most likely a few stowaways left on the ship. We'll have to deal with those as we find them. The Skyguard can patrol the skies once more, thanks to you.

We'b better dock at the Skyguard Hover-Base for repairs. Ready to land?

- Skyguard Outfitters raresmall.png
- Skyguard Hover-Base




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