Captain Rhubarb


Programming Pirate, Code Captain
Ahoy, Hero! I be Captain Rhubarb, the most tasteful pie-rate to sail the seas of Lore! An' I've been battlin' through the binary seas makin' sure ye can begin yer adventures for ten years. I've gone through 13 ships since first met Artix, an' I've never looked back! Thanks fer adventurin' with me! Now… would ye like to hunt fer my treasure map?

Treasure Map?
Yarrrr, every pirate has a treasure hidden away, an' I'm not different! I've packed away me finest threads to celebrate my anniversary, but I've lost th' map to the chest I keep'em in and those landlubbin' ninja nopperabo in Hachiko must have stolen it! /Join Hachiko and defeat the Ninja Nopperabo to get my map back!

More Maps?!
Well shiver me timbers, I'd fergotten I put treausre maps in m' treasure chest! If'n you keep the Pet, Weapon, or Cape Treasure Maps… be able to trade them in soon fer some might fine loot… I just need t'find where the booty's buried!

- Pie-Rate Shop



Thanks to GuardMice, ShatteredReality and .Shadow//

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