Captain Rhubarb


After completing the 'Ebbing Grudges' quest:

Captain of the Red Betty
Aunt Beryl needs some 'elp to finish her trip home. I be taking her armor and laying her to rest in that bitty o' Rheum. May'aps, they'll remember her or 'ave enough spirit to trust the word o' a pirate. Harhar, if not, the Queen 'erself promised to tell Aunt Beryl's story! I owe ye both for reuniting me with me flesh n' blood. Even for a short while. If ye ever need a ship or a fine right 'ook, let me be the first to come to mind.

Enjoy the sea breeze wit' me. I don't be in a rush to leave, an' I need to get me facts straight before I hop on a horse to Rheum.

Ages ago, Tremblor cracked the ground open an' scared the wits out of me shepherdess Aunt Beryl. 'is Plane named 'er as the Champion o' Earth. She learned the sword, slew foul beasts, and 'elped that Avatar shape the continents. Then, he made a mistake an threw Aunt Beryl to the sharks. I'll be rememberin' to spit on the ground whenever I think o' that oversized bilge rat.
Long before the Kingdom o'Greenguard was even a blueblood's dream, the Avatars were divvying up space fer the land an' seas.The Alutians were a race who lived underwater, and loved Neso enough to spread the ocean in 'er name. Tremblor was none too pleased at the lost territory an' landlubbers but was too cowardly to confront Neso. He 'ad the Empire of Rheum invade Alutea thinking to give'em just desserts.
Tremblor wished for a bloody affair with the Alutians. Wasn't 'appy with Rheum stoppin' at kicking' em back into the sea. Tremblor made sure all of of Rheum knew that he wanted Alutea to ne'er 'ave the ability to attack again. They took it as an order to wipe the Alutians out, starting with the eggs in their Nursery. Aunt Beryl wasn't there but she paid the price for sparking Neso's fury in the 'opes of saving her people.

- Captain Rhubarb's Quest
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