Candy Corn (Cutscene)



«Scene: Myx (The Doom Cauldron), Hero, Trouble, Toil, Bubble (The Human), Bubble (The Black Cat) in front of the barn in the candy corn fields.»

Bubble (The Black Cat): *mew*

Bubble (The Human): Bubble is right. This place feels weird.

Trouble: This is very unlike the farmers.
Trouble: I keep a very tight production schedule for our candy and they have never missed a harvest deadline.

Toil: If we don't get the candy corn that we need, we can't produce the ULTRA-high fructose candy corn syrup that gives our candy its addictive sweetness!

Myx (The Doom Cauldon): Maybe something TERRIBLE happened to the farmers! HAHAHA!

Hero: Try not to sound so excited, Myx.

Trouble: He has a point. The farmers should be out in the fields harvesting their crop.

Bubble (The Black Cat): *mew*

Bubble (The Human): Bubble is right. I don't hear any farm equipment either.

Toil: We'll do some detection spells. Maybe we can find out what happened.
Toil: Hero, take a look around. Maybe you can see something that we might miss.

Hero: You got it.

«Scene fades out.»

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