Can I Trust Him?


«Scene: Drakath and Hero on Screen 7 of Chaos Amulet»

Drakath: Come, <Hero>. Speak with me. Alone.

Hero: Yeah? What's up?

Drakath: We've almost made it to the Shadowflame general… to Goldun.
Drakath: When we get there… when we defeat him… I'm going to need you to trust me.

Hero: That's a pretty tall order.

Drakath: …I know.
Drakath: But this is the only way to get that amulet away from Malgor.

Hero: Okay. So what's the plan?

Drakath: Once we defeat him… I need you to leave the battlefield. Quickly.
Drakath: Malgor MUST believe I am defecting to his side.

Hero: …but you're not. Right?

Drakath: Of course not.

Hero: But how can I believe that?

Drakath: Believe that I will NEVER bow to the will of another. I am no one's servant.

Hero: You're right. I may not trust you to be on my side… but I know you've never been anyone's servant.
Hero: All right. I don't know where this will take us… but I'm with you. For now.

«Scene fades»

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