Can He Be Trusted?


«Scene: the Hero and Karok blast each other's staves with magical power»

Karok: You can't keep this up forever!

Hero: Neither… can… you!

«The Hero pushes Karok back»

Karok: Nnngh!

Hero: Just… a little… more…

«Karok is blasted away»

«Scene: white screen»

Karok: Augh!

«Scene: Hero stands victorious over Karok»

Hero: It's over, Karok.

Syrrus: Finish him, <Hero>!

«Hero readies the staff»

Karok: No! Wait!

Hero: Why? Why should I? You were going to kill me!
Hero: You were going to destroy all of Lore!
Hero: Why shouldn't I kill you now?

Karok: Not destroy… only conquer…

Hero: You're not really convincing me, here.

«The Hero starts glowing»

Karok: Because I'm not the one you really want to fight!
Karok: You want the Queen!

Hero: The Queen of Monsters?
Hero: Dude, you are working for her!

Karok: No! Not anymore!
Karok: Did you not think it strange that you defeated me so suddenly the last time we met?
Karok: SHE stole my power! She allowed you to win!

Hero: But… that doesn't even make sense. Why would she do that?

Karok: You expect her to think like we do. She does not.
Karok: She is a monster. Incomprehensible and arcane…
Karok: I thought I was using her. That when I'd gotten what I wanted, I could turn against her, destroy her.
Karok: …I was wrong.
Karok: We cannot underestimate her, and we cannot allow her to win.

Hero: …what do you mean, "we"?

Karok: All of us. All of Lore.
Karok: I came here for the Crystal of Glacera… not because I thought you would use it against me…
Karok: But because it may empower me enough to actually stop her.

Hero: You can't wield the Crystal, Karok. It's… picky about who it allows to use it.
Hero: No offense, but I just don't think you'd meet its standards.

Karok: Keep it, then. But don't use it against me.
Karok: Use it against the Queen. And let me help you.
Karok: When this is all over, then we can finish this fight.

Hero: Wow. You really are desperate, aren't you?

Karok: Yes. And that should scare you.
Karok: The things I've seen…
Karok: My brother wanted to destroy the world. And of course, you had to stop him. You want to live.
Karok: But the oblivion he would bring is better than the nightmare she has in store.

Hero: Alright. For now, a truce.

Syrrus: You can't be serious! We can't trust him!

Hero: I don't trust him. And if he makes one wrong move, I will take him out.
Hero: But for now… he's right.
Hero: We need all the help we can get.

«Scene fades»

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