BeastMaster Trainer
Hey, you there! Yeah, you! Who else could I be talking to? You look like you’re a wandering adventurer. Don’t be shy, let me tell ya all about Beast Masters and why it's in your best benefit to be one too!

What is a BeastMaster?
Come forth and master the beasts you encounter to work for you! Whether they be airborne, on land or the sea, The BeastMaster can efficiently work with any animal.

How to get?
BeastMaster can be obtained from /northpointe with Rank 10 BeastMaster OR the Class Shop with Adventure Coins.

- Northpointe
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Hybrid
Beastmasters are a battle pet based class that apply a wide variety of debuffs to their opponent. These debuffs include Haste, Hit Chance, Dodge, and a stun!

Location: Class Hall B


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