Call Nythera!


  • Guwio Village - Triggers once when the "Call Nythera!" button in screen 7 is clicked

«Nythera and Hero enter the castle»

Nythera and Hero: ?

«Aisha appears»

Aisha: Well look at that, you're back.
Aisha: And your front. You're both here! I've been expecting you. It appears I have the upper hand, too. I knew you would come barging in if I backed off from that primitive village! Now you are both trapped on my turf.

Nythera: Hmph.

Hero: Aisha! Your cold-hearted reign is over! Surrender now, or prepare for your chilly doom!

«Aisha laughs»

Aisha: Did you think of that all by yourself?

Hero: Uh… well… yeah, I thought it was pretty clever given the circumstances…

Nythera: Queen Aisha, stop this at once. You cannot win. So I don't even see a point to fighting.

Aisha: Well there is only one way to find out for sure.

Nythera: Here's your chance. Hold her off for as long as you can. I need a few minutes to prepare…

Hero: WHAT?! Prepare for what?!

«Nythera leaves, Aisha summons a dragon, dragon begins charging up an attack»

«Scene fades»

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