Before completing the 'Willow Creek' quest:

Church Elder
Hello there, may I help you? I wonder how you managed to find our little town without first talking to Warlic in Battleon…

- Battleon Town

After completing the 'Willow Creek' quest:

Church Elder
Thank you for coming to Willow Creek, my child. I knew that Warlic would be able to send someone to help! Something has been attacking and eating our animals at night. Once they know you can be trusted to help, the Farmers will be glad to tell you all they know. First prove to me you are an adventurer I can count on by completing my quest.

- Willow Creek Quests

After completing the 'Can you do it?' quest:

Church Elder
Thank you for clearing those mosquitoes and frogdrakes from the front of the Church. I believe that you ARE the person who can help discover whatever it is plagues our community. Go to Farmer Westin he is the one that had the most recent report, and then check with all the others as well. Return to me once you've spoken to all of them.

- Willow Creek Quests

Wow, you are a true hero! Thank you for saving our town and townspeople, and averting a war with the Dwakels! We will care for Farmer Southwick, and hope that there may be a cure for him some time in the future.

- The End
- Do Quests Again

After completing Willow Creek Quests:

Church Elder
The Farmers are having a meeting. They plan to attack the Drakel Dwarfs in the morning. They're so convinced it is the Dwakel that they refuse to listen to the Dwakel Chief's message. Since you have already looked in town, take this map, and see if there are any answers in the woods outside of town… pick up anything that you see out of the ordinary and return to me!



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