Caden Night

Fruitlessly Searching
She… wants me to stay away? Because it's not safe?! But - but, I should be there to protect her!

Not so fast.
*Sigh* I know, I know. Mother would do anything to keep me safe. But all the same, I'm going to keep watch out here. If I see anything suspicious, I'll scream.

Good plan.

During the 'Lost Breadcrumbs' quest:

Fruitlessly Searching
Have you come for a stroll too, stranger? I used to live in a village in these woods, but one day I left and was never able to return.

Hey… How'd you know my name?

Your mother sent me.
Seriously? It's been five years, but I never stopped hoping I'd find my way home to her. Even though a nice family adopted me… I've dreamed of seeing her again. Getting an earful from her for wandering off. Just… being HOME.

Stay here.

Location: Eridani
Note: Also see Eridani Villager.


Thanks to Rsrdaman.

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