Cabdury (NPC)

"Slightly crazy" extreme Rare Egg Hunter
Egg-xactly! … and that is why I hid 15 eggs aound the town of battleon. The challenge is to find them all and bring me the Complete Set of Eggs. Winners will be rewarded with one of two rare egg hunter items which will take you around the world on a quest to complete the ULTIMATE armor set…. Bunny Berzerker!

Vorpal Bunny?
Wow! Congratulations! Now the real hunt begins…. equip your Vorpal Bunny and click on him. His quests are super hard…. and will lead you to obtaining the full Bunny Berzerker set! It is only available during this event. Good luck!

- Cabdury's Quests
- Evolved Bunny Items
- Grenwog (Location)
- Grenwog (Shop)

Location: Battleon


Thanks to Hina, Haileym1 and mturf.

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