«Scene: Memet and the Hero in the ship»

Hero: So, do you really think these guys are still on the ship?

Memet: They HAVE to be! I still owe Zorba money. If I don't find them… well, I'm still gonna owe him money!

Hero: Gosh, we can't have that.

Memet: Don't you roll your eyes at me.

«Memet and the Hero walk off»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Memet and the Hero in the engine»

Hero: Ugh, it's even worse in here.

«Scene: A big blue blob»

Hero: See? Like, what even IS that?

«Scene moves up to show Byrodax»

Byro: Byyyroooo

Dax: Daaaaaax

«Scene: Memet and the Hero look at Byrodax»

Memet: Oh. Well, I guess we found them.
Memet: Man, I hope Zorba is still gonna pay me for this.

Hero: THAT'S what you 're worried about??

«Memet grins»

«Scene fades»

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