Bydis Miller

Sickly Girl
How kind of you to bring me food! Ever since Father died, I've barely been able to take care of myself, let alone the whole mill. There's just so much… all I can remember is how he'd tell me not to worry. That he'd always take care of me.

I'm so sorry.
I'd give anything to bring him back. Or at least… give him the justice he deserves.

My father is dead, and I'm all alone. I'm sorry to ask but, could you find out more for me? Maybe with your help, justice will come to this… this cursed village.

I'll try.

- Bydis Miller's Quests

After completing the 'A Worn Book's Cover' quest:

Sickly Girl
What are you still doing here? Go talk to the Suspicious Man in the Town Square.

Location: Eridani


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