The Most Adorable Moglin In The World
Hiyas! Welcome to NibbleOn, the most adorable town in all of Lore! I'm your guide, Button, and I also happen to be the most adorable moglin in all of Lore. Don't you feel lucky? Feel lucky, Hero. Whenever you have a question about this wonderful village, it will be answered by this cute little face.

We couldn't very well call it BattleOn, now could we? After all, we moglins don't spend much time fighting. Unfortunately, that makes us a big, adorable target for all of the baddies out there who want to hurt, eat, or exploit us! We need the protection of a hero like YOU!

Oh, no! That dragon isn't circling our town like a vulture waiting to feed on our carrion. She's protecting us! I know that dragons are usually dangerous, violent beasts. but not even they can resist these soulful eyes. Or, I don't know, maybe this is one of the GOOD dragons. That's always possible, too.

More Moglins?
Oh, yes! I heard it through the Moglinberry Vine that soon many more moglins will be moving in… once they get construction done! Twilly will stop by. I've heard at least one Moglin interested in moving near the docks by Booty Bayou. And *do not tell* but I think the Order of Paladins may send a representative here!

Location: NibbleOn


Thanks to ShatteredReality.

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