But Why?



«Scene: King Pagolo and Queen Valentina with the Hero and a tied-up Salvaza in the throne room»

King Pagolo: I don't understand.
King Pagolo: Why would you do this? You've been my loyal servant for years!

Salvaza: That's exactly why!
Salvaza: I've been your loyal servant.. yet you married her!
Salvaza: We were so GOOD together… before she came along.

King Pagolo: You…. wanted to marry me?

Queen Valentina: I told you she'd always hated me.

Salvaza: You didn't deserve him!
Salvaza: I've been there for you, always! I've had your back. I've given you everything I had.
Salvaza: So… why her, and not me?

King Pagolo: Because I love her.
Salvaza: Well. I guess that's all there is, then.

King Pagolo: I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you.

Salvaza: No one ever does.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero with Beleen, Glisel, and Jim Spun in the canals»

Hero: So, I guess you're heading back to Battleon, huh?

Beleen: You got that right! This is WAY too much drama for me.

Jim Spun: Girl, me too!

Hero: Wait - Jim Spun?!
Hero: What are you doing here??

Glisel: He works with me now!

Jim Spun: Glisel made me realize… fashion is MY true love!

Hero: And they let you just leave?

Jim Spun: Oh, heavens no. I snuck out when they were taking Salvaza to the dungeons.

Glisel: OMG what?!


Jim Spun: Why must everyone stand in the way of romance?

«Scene fades»

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