Bubble (NPC)


Cutest Little Witch in MystCroft
Psssst! Bubble went on a candy binge and ate ALL of the ingredients Toil and Trouble saved for this year's new treat, the super-delicious Candy Batch Deluxe. If she finds out, Bubble's going to be turned into an animatronic, and I'll have to help. Robots are the CREEPIEST things out there. Even worse than that Necromancer wannabe, Sally. Help me get enough goodies to replace the ones Bubble ate, pretty please?

How Much?
Oh, hero! I knew you'd help. You just keep bringing more candy back, and I'll keep adding it to the stockpile. And to show you my gratitude, I convinced Bubble to let you shop from her Mogloween Costume Collection waaaaaay earlier than any of the other heroes. Just give Bubble some of HER favorite candy, and she'll let you choose your prizes.

- Bubble's Quests
- Candied Costumes



Thanks to Burn and Malak93.

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