Vampiric Minion
vhat? Vhat do you vant, human? No, no, nonononono. I cannot speaks vith you-you are not one of us… I do not trust that vitch I vant to eats… I suggests you leave now, before I change my mind…

Ask for Safiria?
You vant an audience vit’ Queen Safiria? Ha! Don’t make me laugh… Hmmm, you’re serious? Ok zhen, try reaching her in ze t’rone room of her Castle. I doubt you vill reach it, but if you do, you vill make a nice meal for Queen Safiria.

After completing 'Twisted Paw' quest:

Vampiric Minion
Queen Safiria sent you here, yes? My apologies, human velcome to Darkovia. My name, it is Brysin, ze humble servant to Her Majesty ze Queen. Vould you like to do ze aiding for ze Vampire family?

Ze Vampires vorst enemy is ze Lycans. Dirty. Hairy. Horrible dental hygiene. And zey smells like the wet dogs! Zhey haz been our enemies for centuries, and we ze Vampires has tried everyzing to rid Darkovia from them.
If you vish to forever earn our respects, zen assist ze Vamps on your victories over zhose mults, ze Lycans and anyzinhg related to zhem!

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