Broken Alliance


«Scene: Drakath with the Chaos Twins at the Chaos Portal, Drakath sitting in his throne»

Drakath: All I can say after your detailed explanation is - your plan is… intriguiging.

Xing: Teehee! Oh, we will have such FUN!

Xang: I cannot wait! Let's get started NOW!

«A dark shadow, belonging to the 9th Lord of Chaos, comes up to them with the Chaorrupted Accord of the Dark Sun in its hand»

Xing & Xang: Ooooooh! Is that -

Drakath: … MOST intersting. I have a feeling the Accord of the Dark Sun is irrevocably broken.
Drakath: The "living" ore… Chaorrupted. Neither the Trolls nor the Horcs will be happy about THIS.
Drakath: You surprise me, and I do not like surprises. But this one, I think, I approve.
Drakath: You have done well…Chaos Lord. I am pleased. Especially with your scheme of hiding in plain sight.
Drakath: It is proving most Chaotic. Continue. For now.

«Change scene to Tibias in Bloodtusk, training Good and Evil soldiers»

Tibias: Position 1!
Tibias: Repeat the Tainted Lotus sequence until I say otherwise!

«Change scene to Cynari in (Place with the map)»

Cynari: If the Horcs move against the Trolls, as it looks like they wil… *mutter*
Cynari: But then… That would annihilate the Horcs. The Trolls couldn't ever do THAT…

«Xing appears left to Cynari's head»

«Split-screen: On the left Cynari with Xin's head left to his and on the right Kagg with Xang's head left to his head»

Xang: The time is now. Talk, but ready the blades. This day will see blood in the ravine!

Kagg: I will be our emissary. The rest of you stay ready to charge.
Kagg: We are Horcs. Battle is in our blood. And we will spill it if need be.

Xing: Even now the Horcs are readying their offense. You can hear the chants of their war-songs carried on the wind.
Xing: They feel threatened. But do you know by who?

«Change scene, split-screen: On the right Xing's head right to Tibicenas, on the background army of Good and Evil soldiers. On the left Xang's head left to Sokrakiis, on the background Horcs in battle stance»

Xing: The Trolls are preparing defensive battle-magics. Mystical surveillance has warned them that the Horcs are about to move.
Xing: The Trolls feel threatened. But are you prepared to stop them?

Xang: Blades are no match for your magics. Your strategies are sound. Victory will be yours. Chaos will not take you, nor will the Alliance!

Sokrakiis: I will go. I am the oldest, and wise in the way of humans. Focus, ready yourselves. Be prepared if I cry out.

«Change scene, Sokrakiis and Kagg»

Kagg: I see you recognize the threat.

Sokrakiis: It is as great. Chaos will destroy the Trolls, or the Alliance.

Kagg: The Horcs are ready to do battle on both fronts. We will not be destroyed. Not by you or the Alliance.

Sokrakiis: Then we must meet with those… representatives of peace. After that, we will face each other.

Kagg: It is agreed.

«Hero shows up»

Hero: Kagg! Sokrakiis! Please… Let me… *huff* be present for this meeting. I can… *gasp* HELP!

Kagg: We see you, Hero. We will accept your help.

Sokrakiis: A mediator in this life-or-death debate. Yes. I accept.

Hero: We need to talk to Cynari and Tibias. I will MAKE them understand!

«Scene fades»

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