«Scene: Dage clutches his wound»

Rayce: Boss! Your injury — how bad is it?

Dage The Evil: I'll be fine. I need you to focus on Laken.
Dage The Evil: The souls from the Seraphs you slay will heal my wounds.

«Scene fades, Rayce is gone»

Dage The Evil: <Hero>, whatever side of this you end up on, there is something you should know.
Dage The Evil: In a way, Ada is right — Laken ISN'T himself.
Dage The Evil: At least, not completely.
Dage The Evil: He is a unique sort of being — an abomination.

«Close up of Dage»

Dage The Evil: Two souls in a single body, sewn into an unstable coexistence.
Dage The Evil: I've always been able to sense it.
Dage The Evil: The stress of… well, all of THIS… has caused the stitches to rip open…
Dage The Evil: …and his sanity to unravel with the conflict inside him.
Dage The Evil: He is literally tearing himself apart.

«Scene zooms out»

Dage The Evil: Whether your support is with the Legion or the Seraphs, one this is clear:
Dage The Evil: A Legion run by a broken, insane Laken would be good for no one.

Hero: Agreed. Not for the Legion, and certainly not for Lore.
Hero: He has to be stopped.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero walks off»

Ada: Psst!

«Hero looks around»

Hero: Huh? Where?

«Scene: Ada stands behind the Hero»

Hero: Hey! Don't sneak up on me like that!

Ada: I heard what Dage said to you. And… we need to talk.

Hero: Ada… you know he's right. We can't support this.

Ada: No, of course not.
Ada: But… we don't have to KILL him, do we?
Ada: His mind has broken. But we can fix it. We can SAVE him. I know we can.
Ada: I know the Seraphic Order will have my back. They owe him that much.

Hero: But what if you're wrong? What if you CAN'T?
Hero: What if… what if we just end up helping him destroy Lore?

Ada: I know that's a possibility. I'm not naive.
Ada: He's the only family I have.

«Close up of Ada»

Ada: I can't give up on him. I WON'T.
Ada: No matter how long it takes, I won't stop fighting for him until I find a way.

«Scene fades»

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